/ˈɡiːdə /
Language – Hausa
translates to “home-grown” in English

GIDA Journal Vol. 1  is built upon my deep-rooted love for travel and my thirst for knowledge about the cultural history of the countries that make up the continent I call home: Africa. Experiencing, learning and truly immersing myself in each country, and embracing different cultures, has fuelled the creation of this volume. This journal is my practical and aesthetic response to the exploration of my surrounding environments. The journey of creating this volume provided illuminating insight into how consciously engaging with the environments that shape us, can reveal just how connected our patchwork quilt of a world truly is.

The common theme throughout the journal is heritage and craftsmanship. I wanted to shed light on our collectively shared histories, inspirations, and the importance of celebrating the past and the present. Across the continent, there is perhaps a naivety to the weight our archives of artistry holds — in clothing, photography, architecture,landscapes, food and everything in between. There is an urgent need to encourage young and old African creatives to question and cultivate skepticism for and about these narratives, to help us find our truths.

I want GIDA  to act as an anthology and space where African creatives, writers and thinkers can co-exist, while growing in their respective fields. I want this to be a space that prioritises freedom of cultural expression and illuminates crafts that have traditionally been overlooked. 

Our creators should be seen and appreciated. GIDA  aims to play our part in making this a reality.

Momo Hassan-Odukale

Momo Hassan-Odukale & Mira Makadia

by Nuits Balnéaires

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