“home-grown” in English from Hausa
Born out of necessity, GIDA is a print and digital platform, a marketplace, and a community where African creatives, writers and thinkers can connect, develop their practice, and share their work.

GIDA is the tie that binds African local talent, heritage, stories and craftsmanship with the rest of the world. Incubating and harnessing the power of collaboration through creativity, GIDA births pivotal digital and physical monuments for the next generation of African creatives to be.

GIDA Journal is an annual print publication, prioritising works by creatives, writers and thinkers based and living in Africa. In each volume we focus on a different region, working closely with creatives from various fields, whose practices we believe in and are committed to platforming. We are dedicated to promoting and protecting the diversity of cultural practices and expressions in Africa, particularly through focusing on heritage and craftsmanship.

Each publication acts as an archival monument, capturing a moment in time in African creativity across mediums and exploring broad themes from architecture and fashion, to sustainability and the visual arts. GIDA Journal is a timeless anthology where emerging and established African creatives, writers and thinkers can co-exist in a space that prioritises freedom of cultural expression and diversity of perspectives.

photograph by FRED ODEDE


Momo Hassan-Odukale & Mira Makadia

Art Director
Mira Makadia

Ify Ike-Nwabuoku

Social Media
Gerald Egwudo



Adedolapo Boluwatife, Adeju Thompson, Ayanfe Olarinde, Cédric Kouamé, Djibril Drame, Fatoumata Diabaté, Free The Youth, Immaculata Abba, Kelechi Chinwendu Kelechi, Meiji Meji, Mobolaji Ogunrosoye, Nana Osei Kwadwo, Nuits Balnéaires, Nybé Ponzio, The Slum Studio, This Is Us, Zoe Alakija.


Cedric Mizero, Contemporary Nights Curatorial Collective, Cynthia Butare, Fardosa Hussein, Fred Odede, Hana Mire, IKENO, Kami Gahiga, Kibaate Aloysius Ssalongo, KikoRomeo, Lehwatch, Liberatha Alibalio, Maganga Mwagogo, Medina Mohammed, Milele Virtual Museum, Miriam Hillawi Abraham, Moses Nyawanda, Mucyo B Gasana, Mustafa Saeed, Nasra Abdullahi, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Ojwoook, Rasto Cyprian, R Canon Griffin, Salah Elmur, Sarah Abdu Bushra, Selome Muleta,  Sharmaarke Adan, The Anarchist Citizenship, Tsion Haileselassie, Vintage or Violence. 


Nana Osei Kwadwo

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